Daily Playlists
A platform to give artists the ability to connect with curators and labels.

Squareball partnered with Los Angeles based firm Five Vectors in order to provide a design and build team to execute their vision from definition through to delivery.

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Daily Playlists enables artists and musicians to broaden their audience by connecting effectively with the curators and playlisters who are hugely influential within the industry.

Squareball began the partnership with a series of workshops in order to define the personas, objectives and key flows for the platform.    By delivering this as a clickable wireframe to present to users and stakeholders, the team could quickly address challenges and optimise the layouts and flows.

The design process took a component led approach, identifying the fields, patterns and other re-usable elements needed to ensure an efficient creative process which mapped onto upcoming development build.

Production design was delivered using Sketch and Invision and the iterative process centered around high fidelity prototypes that were used for user validation and iterative feedback.     By focusing on "mobile first", we addressed the key messaging, feature hierarchy and flows for the majority of the antipicated user traffic.

With an ambitious such as this, the solution architecture and infrastructure was chosen with scalability in mind.     Cloud based VMs to begin with, migrated to fully flexible AWS serverless based solution is the chosen roadmap.   The build itself uses ReactJS, GatbsyJS and GraphQL.