Clinux by CAD Ray
World’s first cloud-based 3D CAD application for the dental industry. 

CAD-Ray hired Squareball as the product team to help them define, design and develop the world’s first cloud-based 3D CAD application for the dental industry. →

CAD-Ray run a successful business selling intraoral scanners in Europe and the US. They presented Squareball with a gap they had identified in the market for an open and affordable CAD platform available to all. The market for CAD applications is dominated by expensive legacy desktop applications that represent a significant investment for the average dental practise. We therefore began working on Clinux, the world’s first cloud-based 3D CAD platform running in the browser with a simple SaaS model. Clinux also connects with scanners from multiple manufacturers along with a broad range of 3D printing and milling machines.

Squareball’s highly specialised product teams execute using our proven delivery methodologies. We began with a series of workshops to define the personas and product vision, with the full product team taking part. The output of these drove the UX we see in the app today, with guided workflows to help our users, many of whom are dentists who have never used CAD software before:

We then presented our vision for product growth to the CAD-Ray management team. We optimised our weekly workflow with the move towards Continuous Customer Discovery, gaining valuable insights from users that are validated by the product team, detecting possible risks early and measuring our success via key metrics and our community of users. 

Squareball facilitates innovation through our proven product & design process. We methodically define and regularly revisit our definitions of product vision and roadmap. The design deliverables are based on the outcomes of continuous research that varies from analytics to interviews in the field or market research.

Clinux is built using Angular, Node.js and Babylon for 3D rendering of the patient’s jaws, all hosted on Azure. We follow standard github flow in development and build governance, with our principles around automated testing, QA & CI/CD pipelines firmly in place. 

The platform supports B2B and OEM (white-label) use cases for full solution flexibility and hence increased ROI opportunities. Alongside product delivery, we leveraged Squareball's IAM team have led on platform selection, evaluation and overall Identity roadmap for authentication and authorization. The original PoC started with AzureB2C, then switched to Okta CIAM and the latest platform now integrates with Auth0.

The Clinux product team from Squareball has established an exciting roadmap together with CAD-Ray that includes support for further integrations including practise management software, as we build out the range of dental procedures that can be carried out in Clinux.