Bringing CIAM into the serverless world with Auth0 and Okta | Wed 4 May | 5.30pm - 6.45pm CEST
April 14th, 2022

Bringing CIAM into the serverless world with Auth0 and Okta | Whisky Tasting

Join Squareball on 4th May 2022 (5.30pm- 6.45pm CEST) for our latest “talk and tasting” event!    We will begin by exploring the merits of CIAM in the context of serverless, followed by a tasting and presentation of scotch whiskies which we post to you in advance of the event.

The Talk

Businesses are increasingly adopting modern, serverless cloud vendor native services, including high-level "low code / no code" solutions such as AWS Amplify and AWS Step Functions Workflow Studio.  How does CIAM fit into this landscape?

In this talk we look beyond the hype of serverless and unpack what is really meant by "Time To Market" and "Total Cost of Ownership", when adopting CIAM as part of your serverless stack.

These days, modern and easy to use authentication features like passwordless and adaptive MFA are becoming the default. Not only is CIAM offering a superior experience for your customers but they improve your overall security posture.

By bringing CIAM into your serverless-first mindset, we will see how this fits seamlessly into efficient solution design and delivery, underpinned by collaborative modelling approaches and leading DevOps.

The Speaker

Having more than 20 years of experience, Andreas Grimm works as a solution architect, teacher and facilitator, speaks at conferences and organizes community meetups.

Bringing in new and sometimes unusual ideas, he's constantly challenging the status quo. As his focus is on value-add, time to market and high maintainability - always trying to eliminate "undifferentiated heavy lifting" - he specializes in serverless-first, vendor-native (AWS) cloud services, SaaS and Identity & Access Management.

The Tasting

Whisky expert Chris Davis takes us on a journey through single malt, grain and blended whiskies, using a tasting pack that is posted to you in advance of the event.  Chris keeps it informal and lots of fun!

Spaces are limited! Register before 26 April 2022 to take part in this event. Please note that the event is only available for those located in the DACH region. A whisky tasting kit will be sent to your home address (containing alcohol). 

We look forward to e-meeting and having a dram with you!

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Squareball and Okta

Squareball provide organisations with highly experienced product teams who design, define and develop digital products.

Our teams are working extensively with Okta and Auth0 across all use cases including B2C, B2B and B2E. Our activities focus on CIAM implementation, Workforce deployments and Identity consultancy.   We are also resellers and offer security reviews too.

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